about me

My name is Kimberly Grenke I am currently a senior in high school. I grow up in Kentucky with my sisters Amelia, Stephanie, and Casey  I am the youngest out of my sisters. They all have kids there Conner, Jo, Logan, Austin, Jackson, Braxton, and Lia we might not get along sometimes, But we all love one another. Wich most of my art is about you might not understand at first but most of my art is about my family

In most of my drawing is drawn in chalk pastel. Most people do not like to use them because they are very messy. By the time I am done, I will have them all up my arm, and my face, but the drawing looks good.


About me

my name is Kimberly grenke I am 18 years old I have 5 sisters and 1 bother there’s Casey , Amelia, Stefani, mickey ,Vicky   and Wes  they all have kids But I’ve not meat all of them and my father has cancer   as an artist i am vary big on using chalk pastel they are vary messy , But i dont mind that by the end of art class i will have my art all over myself  ones i ‘ve finished my art it look rely nice and the artist that i like a lot is bob ross this is be cases of the way he wood tell you how he’s doing his land scape in steed of just showing you how he’s doing it so that me theirs not much more to say about me

celling tile


I drew a gold fish in a bowl i chows a dark back ground so that the fish wood pop out thin i need sum more in the back ground so I did bubbles

graduation cap


my school lets us decorate are caps I chose to use jewels all over mine thin i used nave blue paint even throw it dose not look like it, But nave blue and silver is my schools colors

Plastic surgery Barbie


this is a reaction of Mikey’s work Mikey is a makeup artist from you tube she had turned her self in to Barbie thin she made it look like she had plastic surgery what I did was took the before surgery pitcher of her and draw that img_4711

my out look on love


I call it my out look on love that reason being that I’ve had a hard time with love it all started when I  learned that my father had cancer I was a lite kid when i first got told that he had cancer and it wood get beater thin it wood get worse before I know it so every time i wood see my father like that it wood just brake me ,But as I’ve got older I learned that his still my father ,but it did nit hurt me as much tell my senior year of high school because his body was rejecting the medicine ,But I draw this my  junior in high school its just has a bigger mining to me know

free choices


I did this as my free choices because i have an older bother I did not know I had tell I was about 8 or 9 when he wood call me on the phone he wood say I love you to the universe witch is why I put this on one side of the paper on the other is a tattoo of the planets

all about me


This is all about me like in the name its about me as  you look at this you can see  that I am a big fan of Alice In Wonderland and the girl in the middle of the page wood me Kimberly Grenke

Grid Drawing

img_4707 this is a grid drawing what you do is you draw a grid thin you pick an image that you want to draw then you draw what you see just draw that block by block the grid drawing I did was of Agent Penny Carter

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